Our professional experts examine the code on your Magento website in order to assess its quality and identify any vulnerabilities. They also check the database's integrity. Other technical parts of the audit include integrations, third-party extensions, and bespoke functionality.


The potential of the widely utilised Magento eCommerce platform is well known. It is one of the greatest and most advanced platforms available, with a wealth of functionality and customizability. Startups and business owners can use Magento to build full-fledged web stores tailored to their own requirements.. This will provide your company an advantage over its competitors, allowing it to flourish enormously.

However, if your business grows tremendously, you'll need to be on the lookout for any potential coding flaws and fix them as soon as possible to improve your website's performance. And M-Connect Media is the ideal partner for resolving any Magento website mysteries. We provide a flawless Magento code audit service that includes both front-end and back-end code audit services.

Our developers will investigate every aspect of your website with our Magento code audit service and offer you with a full audit report that includes all available suggestions and optimization hacks. These tips and optimization hacks will assist you in removing all bottlenecks and improving the performance of your store.

Why Do You Need a Magento 2 Code Audit?

Is your website experiencing technical difficulties or underperforming? If you answered yes, M-Connect Media's Magento code audit service is a must. Updating your Magento 2 store on a regular basis will improve its security and speed. Furthermore, if you are experiencing one or more of the difficulties listed below, you urgently want Magento code audit service.

  • Page loading time is slow.
  • A portion of the theme isn't correctly implemented.
  • Updates are not working properly.
  • During periods of strong usage, the website frequently crashes.
  • The website's functions aren't functioning properly.
  • A security patch installation assessment is required.
  • You are unable to give your consumers a flawless purchasing experience.
  • Any probable flaws you believe your website may have